Sports Injuries


Sports injuries can really set you back from your favorite activities and sports. Due to the high-speed nature of most sports injuries, the trauma to muscles, tissues and joints can be severe. Common injuries include ligament sprains, muscle strains and fractures. Do not wait until you are crippled with pain the right physical therapy can effectively treat your sports injury to get you back to your activities pain-free and safely.

At Physiotherapy Kingston, our physiotherapists evaluate your injury specific to your individual sport, style of play and position to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Our attention to detail when it comes to athletes of all ages has significant results!

Whether you are a weekend warrior or the serious athlete, our physiotherapists have over 30 years of experience working with High School, Collegiate, International and Professional Athletes.

Physiotherapy Kingston and Spinal Rehab Centre is proud to be the exclusive physiotherapy provider to the professional Kingston FC Soccer team.


Used among world-class athletes, RedCord is a unique, suspension type exercise that allows you to move through range of motions and strengthening a multitude of different muscle groups. We are one of the very few facilities to offer RedCord in Canada. Our state of the art equipment, such as the RedCord, allows us to help the most difficult of cases and ensure that you achieve a great result!

We provide the following treatments for sports injuries:

  • Pre and Post Operation Rehab
  • Post Fracture Rehab
  • Sprain/ Strain
  • Balance and Proprioception Retraining
  • Progressive Resistance Exercise
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Return to Sports Training for a variety of sports/athletics
  • Speed, Quickness and Endurance Training
  • Core Training